Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Assorted, much like life...

I know you can hardly wait to read what is going on in my little world.

In mousiness, we caught another one last night at the store. I must tell you about Boss Hero #1's mouse trap. He took an empty pop can and drilled holes in the center of the top and the bottom, and ran it through with a straightened coat hanger. Then he drilled holes on opposite sides of an ice cream bucket and put the coat hanger through it, roughly centered over the bucket. He filled the bucket half way with water, and smeared some peanut butter on the pop can. The crowning touch was a shingle, leaning against the bucket to make it easier for the mice. They jump on the pop can trying to get the peanut butter, the pop can turns, the mice land in the water and drown. It's pretty easy to clean up behind, too, compared to snap traps.

We nailed three new jobs today. One of them is big. Two more are newly in limbo. This is absolutely crazy for January; it's more like October or May. And besides, it cuts into my writing time.

I played with an idea for an article for Vision this morning (1200 words) and 700 words on False Perceptions. I wanted more there, but...

Today the weather is about five above freezing. The roadways that are bare are beautiful. The ones that aren't have puddles of water on top of the ice. That makes them still quite entertaining to traverse. You gotta love winter. Really.

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