Monday, January 17, 2005

No more mice! (I hope!)

Goal one is accomplished. Gary (Boss Hero #1) caught four mice in the store over the weekend, so no more Rustle. Can't say I miss the little dude to be honest.

I did spend the entire morning scrubbing, though. I did a very thorough washing down of everything in my corner of the building, and vacuumed and washed floors in the rest of it, too. Now I don't have to think about mouse prints all over my keyboard when I touch it. It was really grossing me out!

It has warmed up outside. At this time of year, that means snow. And snow it is. I shoveled the walk four times today. I'm guessing a total of eight inches or so, and no sign of it letting up yet. The forecast is for another 24 hours of it, actually.

So this afternoon, when I was willing to allow myself to NOT work on *False Perceptions* today, I just started poking at in anyway. And wound up with 1911 words for the day. So I'm happy :)

Things are plinking into place for the *Shann* novel, too. I have named God in my world, and have started picking through the tenets of OT Judaism to see what to stress in my world, and what can be changed without it being a huge deal. The premise of the story is starting to come together. Shann's language is based on the Indian languages of Sanskrit, Urdu, Bengali, and Hindi. The country now has a name, and so do some of the towns and rivers and lakes. The next entertainment will involve choosing a language basis for the enemy country, where most of the story will take place. I'm leaning Scandinavian, just for the hang of it.

That's today in a nutshell in my little world.

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Ruth said...

Wow! Talk about balancing life activities . . . You've really been juggling! Now it's not just cattle moving, but snow shoveling, mice chasing, deep research, endless phone calls, and delving into the emotional deep end, on the death scene. I wouldn't worry about being behind on your word count, if I were you. It sounds like you are zooming on all fronts.

I loved the name "Rustle," for your temporary mouse friend. Hopefully, there's not a sister, "Rustla," hanging around in any corners! :)