Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blog carnivals

Ever heard of a blog carnival? If you have, you're ahead of me. Well, that is to say, I HAVE heard of it, but just in the past couple of days. Pat Loomis will be hosting one on Tuesday, Feb 15. In it, she will be pointing folks to various blogs, including mine; we'll be discussing some variation of the topic of new directions in Christian fiction. If you're curious about how the carnival works, go on over to her site, she has blogged about it.

What can I blame today's lack of getting anything done on? Not customers. It just was a washout as far as new words go. I opened my file, stared at it a bit, and closed it. I don't think I so much as changed two words. I did post something for my crit group to comment on regarding religion in my new little world, and finally got a handle on the government for the other country, that I gave up on last week. So I did make some progress, but it wasn't on what I'm supposed to be working on. I do have a headache, and Jim came home from work mid-morning sick, so I may be able to pull an excuse or two out of the hat if I try hard enough. Try. Try. Try.

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