Saturday, February 19, 2005

Half done with 9

We woke up to discover another bull calf in our pasture, and a couple of hours later Stupid Cow gave birth to a heifer. So the girl babies are still ahead by one. I'm very glad that Stupid Cow had her calf before Jim leaves for a five day training session, because, well, she lives up to her name very well. But she and baby seem to be doing just fine. I was sure she would wait til he was away to have it...

He leaves after church tomorrow. The college town is about an eight hour drive away; he has classes Monday through Thursday and expects to arrive home very late Thursday night. A couple of friends have offered to help me out with the chores while he's gone. This is the first time he's had to be away for any length of time when his folks, who live on our property, have been on vacation. Or other times, we had a kid or two living at home yet. Anyway, I shouldn't have told my mother, because she's going to worry about me all week, but I honestly don't think it's too big a deal (now that Stupid Cow has done her thing). The one man lives nearby, is a farmer and a mechanic and goes to our church. I've known him for like twenty years. He and his son will come every day to do routine chores with me. The other fellow is Jim's supervisor at work, and he and his wife are close friends of ours. He grew up on a farm too and said I can call him any time day or night if I need help with calving. Either guy is as capable as Jim of dealing with our moron water system if I have trouble with THAT. Though everything seems to be running smoothly on the water front. We've had enough hassle with that to last the year already, so it should be fine.

So last night I spent awhile online with Karenee, and I think we solved the problem with the chapter of *Quest* I was having trouble with on Thursday. Come Monday I'll see how it went. I've been fighting a migraine today, but I think it's finally easing back.


Margaret said...

All worries of your mother aside, I know you were a little leary about this upcoming trip as well. Sounds like you're nicely covered :).

Jean said...

Yup. Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Of course, that's when things tend to get odd.

Here's hoping and praying all goes well.

(And congrats on all the new babies doing so well. I'm always thrilled to read about them.)