Thursday, February 24, 2005

One of those days.

I suspected it might be; in fact I forewarned all of us in yesterday's post. Yes, indeed, the salesman-who-talks was at the shop when I arrived at nine, and he was still there when I left at twelve. Somewhere between then and one o'clock the boss managed to say the final goodbyes. I did have hopes for the afternoon, however, but those fell through as well.

My mother, as I've mentioned before, is 82, and she had a panic attack in the middle of the night last night and called my sis, who lives in the same town. Said sis and family are leaving tomorrow morning for five days away, and I'm not sure if this knowledge did not precipitate said panic attack. Anyway, two phone calls from my mother, with a phone call from my brother-in-law and my sister sandwiched in between. It looks like she is going into a private care home for the five days, but quite against her will.

Unfortunately for her, coming to my house isn't much of an option. For one thing, there's the trip, then there's the fact that all our bedrooms are upstairs and the bathroom is downstairs and she gets up several times at night, then the fact that our cat thinks he owns the whole house and would doubtless take exception to a closed door, and the fact that Jim watches tv til one in the morning and our house is not very sound-proof, and THEN the fact that I have to work three days of the five. (I'm not much looking forward to being 82 myself. How do you plan for such a thing?)

And no one need wonder why Val got no writing done today. Sad, but true.

But hubby should be home at some point tonight! :D We've had no calves this week, and the water system is running fairly well, so long as I'm ready to go tap the nut with the hammer as needed, usually at least twice an evening. It's been quite a week.

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