Monday, March 07, 2005

Inspiration is elusive

In an effort to regain enthusiam for my stalled 2ynovel, *False Perceptions* I re-read the entire progress thread at Forward Motion. This progress thread is where I posted the various assignments in response to the classes, and where folks (bless you all) could comment, encourage, question, or pick apart the various aspects. It was a very valuable process, and something I've missed (on that massive scale) during the planning of *Shann*. Reading through the thread took several hours. I wish I could say that my enthusiasm for the story was re-kindled and is burning brightly once again. Instead, I see instance after instance where I had difficulties capturing parts of the story. Times when I just couldn't get inside my main character's head and figure her out. Times when my worldbuilding and plotting were inconsistent, producing large enough holes to not only drip water, but to sail entire war fleets through. And those who followed faithfully through the process, asking the telling questions, etc, were being kind and helpful. And honest. It's no fault of theirs that the story isn't tighter.

I can't be too hard on myself, either. I had only written two novels before the 2yn class began. Now I'm at three and three quarters, nearly double. I've learned a lot both THROUGH the process and ABOUT the process. I've used many of the 2yn classes for doing the ground work for *Shann*, but I have to admit I've done many of them in a different order, with different emphasis, and I've gone back and forth between them as inspiration hit.

What am I saying? It's gonna be a tough couple of weeks, but I'm going to get the story out onto the screen. I'm not giving up on the first draft this close to the end. (You've already figured out I was stubborn, right?!) Will I actually be able to clean this novel up enough that I feel comfortable submitting it? THAT is an entirely different question. And I have no idea of the answer.

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