Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Yes, that rates a newspaper headline. I got finished the tail end of the novel just at lunchtime today. It came in at 69555, but honestly, if I ever decide to do something with it, it's likely to be YA, so its relatively short length wouldn't necessarily be against it. I really enjoyed writing this entire story with the excpetion of last week, and a few days back in November (its the '04 nano project). For now, I just need to back up the file and let it sit for awhile. Hopefully when I get back to it later on this year I'll know whether it would be a good thing to polish up or if it is best continuing to be what I thought of at the time, just a fun little project.

The rest of this week is Fun-with-Shann week. I need to breakthrough on some plotting bits that are fuzzy, and I'm not entirely sure what motivates Taafa at certain points in the outline. I posted some bits for my crit group this afternoon; maybe they'll see things in it that I missed. I hope so, because I know it isn't all perfectly clear. They'll be hearing more from me as the week wears on, but then I'll be quiet again as I take a deep breath and jump back into *False Perceptions* next week. There can't be more than 10K to go on that novel, either. A good shove should get me through it. I sincerely hope.

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Ruth said...

Actually, 70,000 words is a great length for a YA book. Most publishers I've seen are looking for 60 to 70 thousand. Congrats!