Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rusted wheels

The wheels were rusted and squeaky. It took a great deal of effort to get them turning. Several shots of oil were required where various gears interlocked. In the end, though, the wheels did turn.

And *False Perceptions* is 1088 words longer than it was yesterday. I re-read the last few chapters to set the scene, being as I've been ignoring the story for about a month now. The chapters did not stink as badly as I thought they did. They are not prize-winning prose, either, but the story is better than I remembered. That can only be a Good Thing, right?

The rest of the day got divided up (not very evenly) between customers, worship team planning (we got bumped forward a week), starting to draw a map for Nuumour's capital city (Shann), and getting first draft done for a crit. I always like to let a crit sit overnight when I can. I'm more likely to catch things that don't make sense or come across harsh if I can see it with a fresh eye.

Busy busy busy. I guess that's how things are going to be this spring. At least the time will go fast.

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