Thursday, March 31, 2005

a week of Madness...

Sometimes I feel Jean's pain with Blogger. I just wrote out a nice post, and Blogger ate it before it could go up. Bad Blogger, no doughnut. But what does it want doughnuts for, anyway? It gets to eat nummy blog posts. Grr.

(Edited to add: Thanks to Katie for the heads-up, and apologies to anyone else who suffered through FOUR versions of this post. Apparently I made blogger have indigestion, and it recanted all its ERROR messages and regurgitated the posts. I have now done some deleting... Oh, and Jean, if you're reading this, I haven't been able to comment over at your place the last few times I've tried, either. So maybe it's not JUST blogger!)

Okay, the novel now stands at just over 21K (average of 3K a day for a week). I'm really liking the story still -- good news, eh? I could never have managed this pace with *False Perceptions*. I don't know whether that's good, bad, or indifferent, but it's a fact all the same. Maybe some day we'll get a professional opinion on which is the stronger story, but it's also possible I'll get no nibbles on either one. At any rate, it will be half a year at the least before either is ready to go out into the big world to seek its fortune.

I heard from Jim just before I left work at five that he had been called out on a service call an hour's drive out of town. I was smart enough to go through the A&W drive-through on the way home. It took me 55 minutes to do the chores by myself. The majority of the cows are in a pasture adjoining the haystack area, so for them I hauled bales over to the barbed wire fence (on my wheelbarrow!), broke the bales, and flipped the parts over. But I still needed five bales onto the atv trailer, and getting them over/under/through the fence was an entertainment not good for either my elbow or my shoulder. But I didn't get the atv stuck today (that was yesterday) so all was good, in the end. All the mooies have been fed and accounted for.

Tonight was the third weekly interdenominational praise night (which, as you may have noticed, Jim missed...) They are scheduled for eight weeks total, and I already know I am going to seriously miss them when they end. The band is made of musicians from various churches, and they are pretty tight considering. These evenings have provided much needed refreshment in my life.

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