Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Busy busy busy

Wow. I'm sure paying for not getting much writing done on Monday, I tell you. Everything piled up at once, but I think I'm mostly through the bottleneck.

Something that amuses me is that my local library is starting to rely on Jim and I to let them know what paperbacks to order in from the sff genres. I now have a password to the library's order guide, and while I don't have buying power, it's as good as. I got a call a few days ago to check out the newest listings and to give recommendations, so I popped a list up at FM and let folks talk about the various books as I actually hadn't heard of quite a few of these particular authors. I really like to get some new blood in at the library rather than only the same-olds. While realizing that if folks are following a series, we'd better get the newest ones of those as well! I submitted my recommendations today.

I also finally completed the article that I've been working on and submitted it. Also a critique that I'd promised for mid-week is out the virtual mail box and on its way. And I've even managed about 2600 words on *Marks* this week so far. It's been a bit of a blur.

On the home front, hubby is doing nothing but work over-time. In fact he's worked now for the last 17 days straight, including some evenings. That's about to grind to at least a slow down (I sincerely hope) because he is totally exhausted. It really isn't worth it, except he's had no choice. So...yeah. Tough times.

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