Thursday, April 28, 2005

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that when I'm writing well and things are moving along smoothly in my little world, that I also blog well? But as soon as I hit some glitches, I don't want to talk about it. I guess I just want to report the good stuff.

So it's a good thing that there is good stuff to report! Yesterday got kind of balled up with crit group stuff. It was good, it needed doing, but it didn't advance my story any. Well, maybe it did. Not in word count, but in shoring up the support structure that I will desperately need again later!

The other thing that sidetracked me was finishing the novel *The Burning Land* by Victoria Strauss. If you enjoy fantasy, give this book a read. I thoroughly enjoyed it on several levels. First off, it's a great read. Second, I liked seeing how Victoria wrote a fantasy based firmly on her world's true religion, and the doubts and growths of the various characters, some of whom are condemned as heretic or apostate. And finally, I liked that every time things got so bad that they couldn't possibly get worse, I was wrong. They COULD get worse, and did so. Have I mentioned I liked the book?

So, this morning. Finally. After wishy-washying all over the place for the past week, I finally got some new words on the screen, just barely over 1K, but still... And now I discover that both of my main characters are depressed. Jeepers. Somebody should take a stick to them. Hmm. Tomorrow.


Jean said...

Depressed characters? That explains it. How on earth can you expect those poor characters to do a decent day's work for you when they're mired in depression. Get the poor things treatment. They've probably been slogging along so long they feel the situation is hopeless. At the very least, sit down with them and have a talk. :)

Ruth said...

Ruth waves hello!! Keep up the good work! :)

Maripat said...

Yay, Val on the word count! And I agree with Jean. Abuse those characters and see what happens? They just need a good swift kick to send them on their way.

lindaruth said...

Only a thousand words? And here I've been jealous of your daily word count!
And yes, post a link to my blog on your blog. I actually have a link to yours on mine, but I didn't ask first. I'm afraid I'm not up on blogger etiquette. :(

Valerie Comer said...

Er, I abused them and THEN they got depressed. But they have excuses (don't we all?) Taafa doesn't know yet that she's pregnant, but her hormones are already screwing her up. And Shann? Let's just say there's some major guilt going on, okay? They'll crack through it before they get bogged down.

And Linda, I don't think it's an etiquette thing or not, but I ask. No worries.