Thursday, April 07, 2005


I didn't have a lot of time to write today, though I did get a short scene down, and some sort of plan made. It's going to be at least another thousand words or two before Shann and Taafa meet again, and I have a few *worse* things thought up for them in the meantime so that once they find each other, they'll have to stick it out for a bit. And it will serve them right, too, for throwing me such a curve ball.

I spent the morning working out a powerpoint file for the interdenominational praise service tonight. Somehow I got shanghaied into running the computer. I've set the powerpoints up lots of times for our own worship team, but then I run sound and my nephew runs the computer. Anyway, this team moves all over the place, and some of the songs I'm only marginally familiar with, so that added some extra tension to the situation. The real excitment came when the laptop battery died, the person who set it up having forgotten to plug it in. And no that wasn't me, it's not my computer and I've never played with a Mac before either. Thankfully my friend (who had a choral dress rehearsal tonight)'s husband was right there and sprang into action, immediately realizing what had happened. I guess most of the people knew that song well enough anyway, they kept singing. That was early enough in the service to keep my tension pretty high for the whole thing. Anita can have it back next week, thank you very much. It's a little hard to worship when you're concentrating so hard your fingers are trembling and your eyes are bugging. Yeah, I'm sure it's just me. Put me behind the sound board any day. THAT I can deal with and worship at the same time. Wow I'm tired now that it's done.

Blogger hates me so bad that I could neither post this in the evening when I wrote it, OR this morning before I went to work. Yipes.


Jean said...

Valerie, don't take Blogger personally. It doesn't hate you. It's just going through a tough time and can't meet your needs like it used to.

Valerie Comer said...

Jean, was that supposed to be encouraging? LOL. Poor Blogger. (And then it posted it three times and made me delete. I'm learning to check for that...)