Friday, May 27, 2005

One of those weeks

I've been a bad blogger again. It has been one of those weeks. The day off for the long weekend on Monday, two days of great word count, and then--SPLAT!! Someone near to me is going through some tough times, and *being there* has taken a lot of time. It's way more important than writing, though.

Today, when I theoretically could have gotten back into my story, I found myself shanghaied once again by the border guard who showed up in my novel last week, uninvited. With the help of my writing buddies, I figured out that he has already played his major role in this novel, no matter how insistent he seems to be. Finally I sent him packing and told him he could audition later for book two. I got some smoldering looks from him, but he trudged off eventually. (Hey, I know I have a good imagination, it's part of what makes me a writer!) Now I'm trying to sort out what of the other plot issues that have ambushed me in the past couple of weeks actually relate to THIS story. The good news is that I'm building a multi-story universe here, the hard part is figuring out what goes with what.

I cleared up a lot of the issues but by the time mid-afternoon on a Friday comes along, my writing voice has already left for the weekend. Well, so be it. There's pricing that needs doing in the store anyway. I might as well earn my keep occasionally. The story can keep stewing for a few more days.


Jean said...

But you've been a good human, so don't worry about it.

Valerie Comer said...

Thanks, Jean. It's true. And it's been a stressful week. When I have *real* deadlines I'll have to learn to cope, but meanwhile, RL comes first.

Maripat said...

Now no one really invited guard along, he just sort of showed up and well, you can't be too rude to him. But now that he's served his purpose, give him his fish and to sit in the corner like a good boy. While he plots his revenge, of course.