Thursday, May 12, 2005

Photos of Flowers

This just seems to be the time of year that if you're taking pictures, you should take them of flowers. This first one I took last weekend in my sister's rock garden. She loves to dig and garden (we call her a mole!) and gets beautiful results.

My sister's rock garden Posted by Hello

My flower garden doesn't get a fraction the energy my sister's does, but the lilac bush is beautiful at this time of year!

Our lilac bush Posted by Hello

Other than flowers, I did get a fair amount of words Wednesday (1640) and found the story sliding even further off of its new outline. Oh well. What can I say? I'll get the winch out after awhile and pull it back inline.

Wednesday evenings are our worship team's regular practice night. We meet at the most logical home: centrally located, have a piano (and all their dozen or more instruments at ready disposal), have younger kids that can do their own thing because they're at home, etc. It is always a great evening of singing and having a great time together as friends in the Lord. An added (or subtracted) note this week is that Jim's sister's father-in-law is dying of cancer right now, making her rather quiet at practice. It's a tough week for the family, and may stretch out for awhile yet. Though by all accounts, it doesn't sound like it will be a lot longer.

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