Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Things are looking up!

I got better at typing with my eyes shut today. It was either that or lose TWO days of word count, and I wasn't willing for that. Besides it was almost dead quiet at the store. What would I have done for six of those seven hours without my story to keep me company? So...1695 words. I'm quite content with that. And then I read for a bit.

I tried your suggestion, Mar. Perhaps that refresh button doesn't exist in Win98? At any rate, I poked through all the settings but couldn't find anything to deal with the lag on the laptop screen. And like I say, I solved it my own way--by not looking at the screen unless my fingers were at rest! Hey, whatever works.

At the end of the workday I picked up my old but improved tower from the computer shop across the back alley. And while I type this on the *home * computer, I'm installing programs back onto the *work* computer on the table beside me. So the deal is that it will be ready to go back to work with me in the morning, and it will *only* take a couple of hours for me to train Word out of its autoformats. I can't even wait until I'm done my writing for the day to do that. Aargh. Maybe I can it done tonight while it's still at home....


Maripat said...

Go, Val! Go, Val...Yay! I hope it all works for you. Good luck!

Karenee said...

So I get an email tonight, eh?