Thursday, June 23, 2005

the gears are starting to mesh

Today Jim has headed off for his second set of shifts for his new job. He found the adjustments from day shift to night shift and back again to the land of the living to be a bit strange, but he hasn't done any night shifts for nearly twenty years, so I can bet it will rock his boat the first few times. And maybe more than a few! This time he was able to get some fencing done while he was home, so the cows are moved to a different pasture. The theory is that I won't have to throw bales for them at all this shift. I can't say that I'll mind a lot :) He also got our old truck running (last week he figured out that the brakes were shot, hours before he had to leave.) You all would be amused, seeing me roar around in a 1975 3/4 ton pickup truck named Thunder.

Between bosses in and out, and quite a few customers doing the same, it took awhile to get (and stay) really focused on the writing. I did come out with just under 1K, and I'm happy with the words. At least I managed to stay awake today. Yesterday I was so over tired, it was hard!


Maripat said...

Since you nagged...and yes folks, Thunder is a Beast on wheels.

Margaret said...

Hey, it's just Val's way of introducing herself to the world. She's coming to town like thunder ;).