Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ups and Downs

On the UPside, I got over 2K today on the novel, and it is picking up steam. It's looking good. In dire need of revisions, but good bones for all of that.

On the DOWNside, hubby got asked to work two more night shifts. He accepted. So he's away from home with no camper, no extra food, and its pouring rain. And our bank account isn't extending to nights in motels and big meals in restaurants. He's scrounging by, but it could be nicer!

Here on the home front, it means I'm back to throwing bales for the cows, which takes me the better part of an hour when I get home from work. I still don't have wheels, but my mother-in-law is taking pity on me. So far!

He's missing his day shifts this coming weekend due to his sister's wedding and our kids throwing a 25th party for us, so I guess these two nights make up for it. And it's not like he can cut hay yet, with all the rain.

On the OTHER upside, I don't have to haul water when there's this much rain, either!

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