Wednesday, August 24, 2005

And the crit is basically done

It takes awhile to crit an entire novel of 114K, but it's pretty much done except for a bit of wrap-up. Actually I need to double-check a few facts with Jim about electric fencing before I send this back to Mar,'s off my back for now.

I can't rush Jim; he's out in the field driving around in circles picking up bales at the moment. It seems like he's spent half the summer out there driving in circles, to be honest. But it rained yesterday, so that set things back, and today he had to fix an oil leak on the tractor, so they (him and his dad) didn't get a great deal accomplished yet. At least not considering that it's still cloudy, and that Jim has to return for work Friday night. I guess God knows what's going on, cause we sure don't.

Today was busy at work. First I did a call at a client's home. That's always fun, though I do very few of them. That was followed by a visit from our premiere ceramic tile company's sales rep. She only comes once a year. (She used to try to convince me she came every six weeks, but in four years I'd say only one year has she even made it twice, so I'm not biting for the six week idea.) And then customers in and out all afternoon. Even my boss felt sorry for me that I barely had any writing time today. (Okay, if you believe THAT, maybe you'd believe the six week promise too...)

But with the crit out of the way, I hope to spend the next two days focusing on revisions of False Perceptions. I'm now at 15K and want to at least double that before August ends. Surely everybody in town who's been thinking about flooring already visited me today! It should be quiet the rest of the week. (Hope, hope...)

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