Friday, August 26, 2005


Not only did the salesman-who-talks-incessantly visit this morning, but exuberant-and-opinionated-housebuilders spent the afternoon. Net gain of revised words for the day? 218. Ah well. There are days when the day job actually IS a job. I shouldn't whine too much.

Jim got the rest of the hay off today. What a good feeling. :) We even got the haystack topped and tarped before he left for his four days of work. It's going to be a quiet but busy weekend on the old home place, all by my lonesome. I think it's another soup canning weekend. At four jars a week, he's going through reserves in a fairly direct manner.

The back of my mind likes to play with other projects while I've got a revision on the front burner. At the moment, it's playing with two things. It still doesn't want to let go of the Shann and Taafa story, even though it's likely months more until I get back to revising it. However, a couple of chapters of that novel take place on a small sailboat, and I know very little about sailing, so I've started doing some research on that topic. It may come in handy for other stories down the road. With luck, I'll get some first hand research in sometime soon too as Jim and I are planning a charter day for our anniversary celebration, if we can book something up the lake.

The second project that is mumbling around on a back burner is a romance. I guess I haven't tried writing enough genres yet. :) I know a little about both main characters, and a bit about the setting. Much more to come, but I'm not ready to start forcing it. I think this will be my nano novel. I should (please) have False Perceptions revised with time to spare for planning out the romance. And there will be some research to do for this as well. All that is presuming I ever get through this revision. I may have to start bucking my natural trend and working on it evenings.

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