Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've actually finally started revising False Perceptions. I've been doing everything BUT for the past few weeks. Not that the read through and the synopsis writing wasn't helpful, but it wasn't the same thing as opening a new file for chapter one and starting to type it in all over again.

I have a couple of reasons for typing each chapter into a separate file. One, it makes the file sizes something that my old computer can handle. Secondly, it helps me keep track of word count. Probably more reasons. Third, it's now a habit?? To compensate, I build a table in Word and keep it in the chapter folder. Each chapter has a hyperlink, a word count (which automatically adds up at the top, where I can see it easier than the bottom), and a very brief description. When I printed FP out, I wanted consecutive page numbering, so I spent half an hour amalgamating all the chapters into one file, and then double-checked formatting, and then printed. Then the read through, with notes in red gel pen.

Now False Perceptions has a two sub-folders, one labelled fp_1 and the other (you guessed it) fp_2. And now fp_2 has two chapters under it, plus the new wordcount table for this version. I've added roughly 500 words to the book so far, for a total of 6K.

In the first chapter, my biggest problem was giving the novel a feeling of setting. I don't do description well, or at least not automatically. The concept of it being a science fiction novel didn't come through before. It could have been four people sitting at a table in any reasonably civilized setting. So now that is more clear. The second chapter's main problem was that I had a scene in a pov I never used again, a very insignificant character. Why? I'd written it that way for fun for an assignement in the 2yn class, and hoped during first draft that I could make it work. I couldn't. So now I've spent two days seeing this scene from Treyan's pov instead of Jerome's.

Then I thought I was homefree with the HUGE changes for at least a couple of chapters. You know, so I could revise instead of rewrite the thing from scratch. Not to be. I've had a brainwave (they do happen occasionally) in which a subplot can tie in more completely throughout the entire novel. Starting in chapter three. Tomorrow, I begin to tackle that one.

And meanwhile, I keep forgetting to blog. If you all commented and asked where I was, it might induce me to remember more often! :P


Maripat said...

So if I pester you more, you'll post more? Hmm--but do I really want you to post more?

Kidding. I like seeing your pictures. I didn't realize you go through all that to revise your stuff. Folders and subfolders. Yikes. I could just see the mess now.

Valerie Comer said...

The folders and subfolders are for writing and keeping the manuscript organized, not just for revising. But I do find it helpful to retype the chapters while I'm revising, rather than just skimming them and deciding they're okay. This way I have to look at every word. My stuff would be a mess withOUT the folders!

Kayla said...

I don't write description well, either. It takes me a few minutes of literally visualizing the scenery in my head before I can begin writing. It's getting easier the more often I try.

Good luck with the subplot, and do blog more!

Valerie Comer said...

Welcome here, Kayla :) It's not so much that I don't write description WELL as that I don't think to write it at all. And my readers cannot see into my brain and pull the settings out. Maybe I should just train the readers better?

Margaret said...

Sigh. You made me comment. But what have I got to say ;).

Yep, on the folders. I do the same. I do not retype my chapters. I'd introduce more errors than I fix :p. But I do make a new folder for every edit pass and use a different filename per chapter version within the pass.


Valerie Comer said...

Aw, gee, did I guilt you, Mar? I feel so bad...