Wednesday, September 28, 2005


After thinking many many thoughts about how I want False Perceptions to end, and how it DID end, I finally came up with a plan today and got a good start on the final chapter. I had a great opening scene and a great closing scene, but they didn't work together really well. At least not without five more chapters in between. And there aren't five more chapters, so obviously something had to give. It was the first scene that went bye bye, and then the second one didn't fit either... However, more than half the chapter is now rewritten, and a plan is in place for the remainder of it. And yes, bits of the final scene will need to change to accomodate, but all in all, it will stand. Tomorrow. I hope.


Random Walk Writer said...

Oh, Val . . . what's another five chapters?

Valerie Comer said...

It's another fifteen thousand words the story doesn't need, another set of kinks to the plot, more sub-plot, no. Not going there.