Monday, October 10, 2005

Blade Dancer

I've just finished Blade Dancer by Sheila Viehl. Here's another great opening line for you: All I was trying to do when they caught me was bury my mother in an unmarked grave. This opens a very strange book, but truth to tell, most anything Sheila writes (and she writes in five genres, so that's a lot!) is a little strange. My daughter said that she and her husband agreed that Blade Dancer was the best book they had read in 2005. And MY husband has rapidly become a Sheila fan himself. If you enjoy science fiction with a twisted sense of humor, give this book a try!


ValMarie said...

I remember falling in love with that opening line as well. I definitely enjoyed this book (primarily because it focused on the Jorenians). :-)

Maripat said...

The first line grabs you. But I'm like Valmarie. I've got a soft spot for anything to do with the Jorens too. Heh.