Friday, October 07, 2005

whoosh goes the week

The amount of writing related things I have gotten done this week is pitiful. Between my guys finally hiring someone to fix up the exterior of the store, physio, customers, etc, I'm not much ahead of the game.

The exterior fixup affects me because I've been nagging my guys for about the last three years to deal with it, ever since I got the interior finished. (I've been here 4 1/2 years.) And the deal always has been that I would paint them a new sign. In the end, it turns out that I've been repainting the original sign. Yes, its hard on the neck. It is laid out on a 36" high island in the store's lobby, so at least it's a comfortable working height generally speaking. Could have been much worse. I still have some touchups to do to it next week, but the bulk of it is complete.

I spent an entire day online dissecting someone else's synopsis, again a very good experience. To squish an entire novel into five pages requires very perfect words, with as many layers of nuance shaded in as is humanly possible. And someday soon it will be my turn to be on the chopping block. Er, my synopsis's turn, that is.

I've done some preliminary work on the characters for my nano novel, but they don't have the depth yet that they need, not even close. Maybe I'll get a chance over the weekend to figure out what really makes them tick. Anyone else doing nano this year?


Jean said...

Raises hand for NaNo.

EJ said...

Me too. I'm working on pre-writing on and off this month.

Maripat said...

NaNo? What's NaNo?

Just kidding. Nah. That would requiter me to actually type up my first drafts. Grin.

lindaruth said...

(geeky kid in the back raises hand excitedly)
I am, I am!! (never done it before, beginning to think I'm crazy -- my parents' 50th anniversary is in November!)

Maripat said...

Hey did you know Mar tagged you? She got me too. But if she hadn't I would've.