Monday, November 21, 2005


I had another good writing day today, for which I'm thankful. Starting to approach the grand finale for the book, currently estimated out at about 65K. Ish. I cut a couple of *future* scenes out of the outline today as I realized they didn't have enough reason to exist. Anyway, everybody in the story is supremely stressed out at the moment, so its time to tighten the screws and make it all worse.

My calendars are in the mail! WooHoo!!! I'm so VERY glad they're out of my hair.

Hubby is home for his four off, sicker than a dog. Not pretty. Just when I thought we'd have a nice weekend together, I'm trying to avoid him so I don't get it too. Yay us.

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Karenee said...

Oh, dear... THAT's no fun!

Tell him to "Get well soon!" with a hug (though perhaps a distant one) from me.