Friday, December 16, 2005

Another crit done

I met my goal of having a second crit complete and out the door this week. However, when I geared myself for the run, my bosses hadn't yet asked me if I would be willing to work a few days next week. In actual fact, I'm supposed to have two weeks off starting today, but it's been fairly busy in at the shop still and thus the request. Because the guys have been so tied up with the new houses they've been flooring in the past couple of months, it has been several weeks since they last did any measures and quotes, so the file was growing. They've caught up with those this week, but that means lots of phone calls back and forth with the prospective clients as they ask questions, change their minds, place orders, wrangle about the bottom line, or argue about the projected time line (now into February). So, because Jim works till Wednesday morning, I agreed to work till Wednesday noon. Then we have six days off together over Christmas before he picks up his night shifts the week after. I'll go back to work on the third.

I took several paid holiday days in June for our trip to Victoria and again in August for my sisters' reunion, so I don't have a full two weeks' pay coming to me just now anyway. The 2 1/2 days won't make a huge difference, but being as it fits my schedule, I'll work them!

Our daughter and son-in-law arrived safely in Chile on Wednesday to spend a month with his parents and family there. The one email sounded like they're having a good time and adjusting to summer. Our son and daughter-in-law will be home Christmas Eve morning for eight day. They'll spend a few of those days with her mom who lives near here.

Maybe on my work days next week I can spend some more time researching agents, being as I'm out of crits to do. Hmm. That might be a good idea.

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Karenee said...

Woohoo! My aunt the author!

Man, researching agents... I'll be so excited when you get one!