Sunday, January 08, 2006

Aaack -- busy

Just a very quick update. I need to get in a habit of posting here more regularly again, but it won't be this week. My husband's grandmother died yesterday, and we'll be away for a few days to the funeral.

Meanwhile, I'm playing with my 2yn idea, which I'm loving and itching to get serious with (whoa, Val, follow the class...), and reading A Clash of Kings by George. R.R. Martin.

Three of the four critiques on my own False Perceptions are back now, and I'm in the process of creating a revision outline for the book. (That's what I worked on for most of last week.) Fixing the inconsistencies in one character looks to be my major goal, and it doesn't sound huge until you remember that Treyan is the major male main character and is in many of the scenes. And who he is affects the scenes he isn't in, as well. So while the task sounds simple enough, the execution of it is going to take awhile.

So far I've compiled information for the first seven or eight chapters out of thirty-two. Only two scenes out of all that have only grammar brushups to complete them. All the rest (and some chapters have 6 or 7 scenes) will require more work; two of them need to be completely rewritten in a different setting and with different character interaction. I had really hoped to complete the revision outline this week so that I could get into the *real* work next week, but it won't happen. This week won't have a normal routine.

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