Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time to focus

In the biblical book of Ecclesiastes the writer says: There is a time for everything. I'm thinking that it's getting time to focus on revising False Perceptions. No, really. I'm serious.

Hubby and I spent the better part of the past four days at a time-share condo owned by my sis and her hubby. This is the sis who has custody of her four-year-old granddaughter, so it wasn't a straight adult time. We'd hoped to do some cross-country skiing, but we had trouble deciding which 1/4" deep and eight foot long patch of snow to ski first. So many decisions. It didn't stop my great-niece, but, hey...she's four. We spent part of every day at the swimming pool though, and when my shoulder had reached its max I switched to jogging widths of the pool in chest deep water. You can't sit in the hot tub all the time. A four year old won't let you!

Other than that, we ate well and played a lot of cards. Our family game is called Hand and Foot, and it is always played guys against girls if at all possible. Because I have four sisters and we generally think alike, the girls usually win. Not so this week. Sigh. My sister and I are going to be many months living down our poor showing.

While we were gone, the sump pump that pulls water from our open well into our cistern went. There was enough water in the cistern to tide the cows through those few days, but it meant that Jim had to go buy a new pump and install it before heading back upcountry for work. Good thing we didn't spend all our money buying a time-share! ;)

So here I am back at work. I've sort of caught up on doings at Forward Motion, although I discovered a few areas that require a bit more attention. I have to study this week's 2yn lesson and do the assignment. And I do need to finish filling in plot-holes in the FP road. (If I would listen to Erin, I would throw a bunch of plot bunnies in the plot-hole and pave it over, but I'm afraid of them breeding. I think I have enough loose plot bunnies at the moment.)

Monday. Monday I will open FP chapter one and start rewriting. Really I will.


EJ said...

Hey, Val, want to race? I'm working on editing and synopsising Rogue Pawn. Winner gets a 'We're not worthy!' on the loser's blog? :)

Valerie Comer said...

Hey, EJ. It's a temptation, really it is. Better not, though. I need to do a good job of this revision in hopes that it is the LAST revision, and if I'm racing, I won't be as thorough. I expect to be at this for a couple of months, maybe more. I'd be happy to crit synopses with you though, later on, if you wanna swap those???