Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Calf number eleven is a bull calf and looks healthy. So far so good.

At noon I bumped into a friend who is a realtor and picked his brain over our thoughts about fixing up the farmhouse. He says regulations have changed and that if we do ANYTHING to our house, even if we don't tamper with a single water line, we will have to have our septic field analyzed and probably upgraded. The tune? Likely twenty thousand dollars. Just for...what it's already doing for free. However, if we DON'T pay to have it professionally inspected but instead (for example) sell the farm now the way it is, we are legally liable for anything that goes wrong with that septic system for as long as we both shall live.

Hung if we do, hung if we don't.

He also says we are more likely to get our money back out of a double-wide than out of renovations.

Hubby will be tickled pink to hear this news. Trust me.

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Jean said...

I guess the positive side of that is by getting the septic field inspected and upgraded now, you'll get some use out of it before you get around to selling.

Congrats on another baby bull. Pictures? (I love to look at cows--as long as they're on someone else's property.)