Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

That's me, a day late and a dollar short.

Hubby's missed this entire set of working days due to a bad cold that has settled in his chest. He started out with a couple of days of sneezing before deciding that the cough was the more powerful weapon. It's easing off some, but he's still wiped. Now he's back to days off until the weekend, so maybe he'll have recuperated by the time he needs to head back up-country. That would be good.

On the one hand, though, it's been good to have him home for the opening days of calving season. We're up to five babies now, out of something like eighteen expected. Just tagging their ears has been the max work hubby's been up to, though baby #5 was a bull calf which adds a bit of work in the de-bulling department.

The weather has been great for calving, crispy cold overnight and sunny most days, or at least it hasn't been pouring rain or dumping snow. We won't count the couple inches last night that melted straight off.

In other news, we're examining the option of tearing down our existing house all together and replacing it with a modular. At least it would be done all in one go. It's hard to know what will make the most sense down the road, so the research isn't over yet.

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Jean said...

I was wondering about your calves today. Your post was most timely.

Good luck with your decision on the house. That kind of thing is always a tough call.