Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shades of PINK

Some of the publishing houses apparently are reluctant to mail review copies of novels to non-USA addresses, and I guess I can understand their reserve. It definitely costs more, and it also takes considerably longer for them to arrive here. I had to do some international bargaining of my own to make sure my review copies didn't dry up. In the meanwhile, this month's pick slid through the cracks. Not only did I not receive a copy but my new plan wasn't in place early enough to rectify the problem.

Still, I've read the first chapter of Marilynn Griffiths' new book, Pink. On her website Marilynn portrays herself as: Serious Faith. Serious Fiction. Serious Fun.. This book looks to be a contemporary peek at the New York fashion industry laced with romance, the first of four novels set in this venue. To quote Marilynn: Serious Fun Fiction (tm) is about girlfriends, guys, God and the giggles between life's tears. Dramatic comedy? Romantic tragedy? Call it what you like. Just have some serious fun turning the pages, okay?

Looks like a great read!

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M. C. Pearson said...

I'm still awaiting my copy and I live in North Carolina. Marilynn has kindly told me that she will mail one off soon. :)

I posted my review very much like yours.