Sunday, March 05, 2006


Calf #13 died Friday morning, making three deaths in the last week. Hubby arrived home a couple of hours later for his four days off. Of course we have had no births since he got home. Are these cows trying to punish me personally or what? I had specifically ordered the remaining five births for this weekend. (Nice try...)

It occurs to me that in the past couple of weeks my blog has turned into a farm and housing report. Is that all I've been up to? Well, no.

False Perceptions didn't gain a lot of ground this week, though. The revision sits at about 30K (out of about 95). I ripped one chapter apart this week and then couldn't quite figure out how to put it back together. That will be Monday's job. How hard can it be? (Don't answer that...)

I spent a bit of extra time on Puppet Prince in the character building section. Personalities are starting to show clearly; faces less so. A varied and interesting cast is starting to take shape and learn to interact. My constant struggle is to give PP enough attention so that it becomes fully formed, but not so much that it will demand to be written earlier than Nano.

Forward Motion has a specific area for writers under the age of 19, and I've been one of the moderators of the Young Writer's Scene board for over a year now. We periodically run classes in there, so one of the things I accomplished this week was writing first draft for the next set of classes which will be on Viewpoint and Narration. It's a four-part class and I expect to start running it Wednesday the fifteenth. I also hope to do a class on dialogue later in the spring. Maripat has run the last couple of classes so it is about my turn.

It is time for me to really start focusing on FP, though. I can't move on until it is revised and out to a new set of readers. The dangling carrot is the revision of Marks of Repentance aka known as Shann and Taafa's story. I don't know that it will be any easier to revise in actuality, but I absolutely LOVE that story which hopefully will help. It keeps beckoning to me, but I must I must I must finish FP first.

Yeah anyway, that's what life is like in my little world.


Maripat said...

Hugs, Val. Pesky cows are playing with you again, aren't they? I sent Grady off to you. Let me know if you have problems with it.

Random Walk Writer said...

Okay, I'll crack the whip tomorrow if you're not putting that chapter back together again. Or maybe I should bribe you instead? I'll save you a piece of this chocolate torte . . .

Katie Hart said...

Sorry about the calves. Hope things smooth out farm-wise.

2yn assignment #10 is still not up, and it's driving me nuts. Not that I don't have plenty I can do with the previous assignments. Karel's and Tahir's personalities are coming along well, while Pirrio remains an enigma. I know his Myers-Briggs and his occupation, that's about it. No hint of motivation or loyalties. Best guess is that his family were nomads. I don't even know his age.

Ah, well, I have time.

Karenee said...

{{{hugs}}} I love you muchly! Glad to know you're still writing even with all the calf stuff and work. I'll post about my weekend away soon... I hope.

fiorinda said...

I'm sorry to hear about your calves. I hope things get better from here on out.

I'm hoping to get back into the 2yn world next week. My morning sickness is almost gone! First I have to clean up two months of untidy house. My children's toys have been procreating while I've been asleep. They're everywhere.