Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Six chapters to the good.

I'm 16,582 words into the revision of Marks of Repentance now. The voice has an odd lilt to it, not like anything else I've ever written, but I'm not having any trouble fitting back into it for the bits I've added. I've managed to find more places to pull the metaphors better into line with the world as well.

Poor Shanh has just endured listening to a *cat fight* between Taifa and her cousin that involves him. He is horrified; girls would never talk like that in Khairdazh. The whole thing erupts so naturally that I just love imagining the look on his face.

In other news, I'm facilitating a discussion group at Forward Motion on Nancy Kress's book Beginnings, Middles and Ends. We've had a fair bit of exchange in the couple of days since we started working through this book. It's interesting seeing the take various people have on the subject, but I can see the group will take a lot of my time in June. What does that matter? I had nothing else to do... :P

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