Friday, June 16, 2006

Random updates

On June 2 I talked about our friend Rick acquiring Guillain-Barre syndrome. He's been in the regional hospital for two weeks now, and his family is on their way to see him for the first time this weekend. He's out of ICU and into Rehab, which is certainly good news. He's discouraged about the slow progress and that he will likely be there for several more weeks at best. He would like to be the exception to the rule and bounce back faster than average, but so far it is just plain WORK on nerves and muscles that don't want to cooperate.

I also mentioned my struggle with weight loss. I've lost another couple pounds and have continued to get some exercise every single day. I've been blessed by the number of people (here, in my Curves gym, at my church, and forums) I've been encourage in their own path. Although my birthday was in May, I just got my gift from hubby a few days ago: a new bike with decent suspension and raised handlebars that allow me to ride without kinking my neck. The bike makes a nice change for me some mornings instead of running, and it allows us to get out together on weekends--when he's home on a weekend, anyway. Drat that four on four off shift he works!

The humungous powerpoint project is done. I got smart and bought myself a flash drive. I've been meaning to do that for awhile and this seemed the perfect excuse. Very impressed with the speed of saving files on it! I took the flash up to the church yesterday and went through the presentation with my youth pastor on the big screen in the sanctuary, where it looks a lot different than on my monitor. He couldn't do much with the presentation there as it consists of over a hundred slides, most made individually in photoshop. So I had a few to re-do, and I emailed them in last night.

That covers some of the random bits I've blogged about that needed updating. If there's anything I've forgotten about, remind me...


Jean said...

Thanks for the update on Rick. He must be so frustrated right now. My prayers to him and his family for perserverence and faith.

My weight has been doing a yo-yo thing, but I've essentially dropped 10 pounds from the first of the year. I'm pretty happy about that.

Congrats on the bike. You'll be able to cross-train, and that will help knees and other sore joints.

And congrats on your revision project and your PowerPoint project for Sunday. I'm sure it'll be wonderful.

EJ said...

Keep going on the weight, Val. I'm still plugging at mine. I'm down 10 lbs. The goal now is 15 more by mid-November. I'm working on the theory that if I get it off before I turn 40, it will stay off easier.

Random Walk Writer said...

I'd been wondering how Rick was doing. Thanks for the update.