Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We had a great trip this past weekend, but the highlight had to be our three hour whale watching tour on Saturday afternoon. Here we are all suited up for our excursion on the Zodiac inflateable, which seats twelve tourists (:P)

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We saw one gray whale fairly soon after leaving the Tofino harbor, and a while later we saw two more together. I found it hard to take pictures with my little digital camera as you never know what second will be the perfect shot--or even what direction to be pointing at to capture it! The camera batteries don't hold power forever trying to keep it on *ready* either.

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This grey whale was close enough and cooperated well enough that I could get several shots. These two are the best.

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A bit later we came upon two humpback whales bilge feeding, but I wasn't able to get photos worth sharing. I have a great photo of the back of the guy in front of me, though! I have serious camera envy. He had a digital SLR with like a fifteen inch telephoto and obviously no issues with camera batteries. He could take ten photos to one of mine for speed.

There's our little vacation in a nut shell. Hope you enjoyed the glimpses!


Jean said...

ooo! oooo! ooo! WHALES!

(Gorgeous photos -- sure looks like you had fun!)

fiorinda said...

Wow. I went whale watching in middle school in the Atlantic Ocean. We didn't see any whales, but I think I was the only one that didn't throw up all over the place. I'm jealous you actually were able to see some whales. What a fun vacation.