Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Christian Fantasy Blog Tour - Fandom day 3

Today is the last day of this tour featuring Christian Fandom. I talked a bit yesterday about my favorite part of the site, the interviews.

But there is plenty more to the site than that. There are book reviews in various of the represented genres. There is a list of which conventions will host fandom meetings (for example, I didn't know that Kathy Tyers was going to be a guest at V-Con in Vancouver, BC, in October. I'm not entirely sure I would call some of the movies reviewed to be Christian, but it still was interesting to read the reviews.

Also included is an art gallery and some pertinent essays. There are considerable research links with the sf writer in mind (which, to be honest, is what the site focuses on). Various discussion groups are listed as well.

In short, for those who are interested in this genre, Christian Fandom offers a great diving board. Jump in; the water's fine!

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Becky said...

Nice summation, Valerie. And sorry about the extra "l" in your name in the comment I left you at my site. I was too tired to go in and edit it out.