Thursday, August 24, 2006

Camping, Day One

Last weekend we met our daughter and son-in-law for three days of camping just outside Elk Lakes Provincial Park. Two of the days we went for a day hike into the park. It was great to spend the time together enjoying nature and stretching our legs. Oh, how they were stretched... Posted by Picasa

Here is the map of the northern part of Elk Lake Park. You can see the red line that loops to the north and back again--that's the Day Three trail. The red line that meanders along the lakes and on in to the left (west and south) is the trail for the Day One hike Posted by Picasa

We found three fat frogs lurking in the bushes at the ends of some of the bridges. Here my daughter is conversing with one of them. It was like the trolls and the billy goats gruff...only not. Posted by Picasa

The rugged mountain scenery made every step worthwhile. The trail varied from smooth gravel to rocks-and-roots to pine needles to planks-over-bog to...? And the view was different around every bend. It's an awesome world our God created. Posted by Picasa

We've just crested the last climb and have gotten our first good look at the waterfall we've hiked 7 km to see. Definitely worthwhile! Posted by Picasa

The objective of our hike has been reached at the base of Petain Waterfall. Even whisking the camera out for a quick shot resulted in getting spray all over it. I got it back under cover pretty quick! Posted by Picasa


EJ said...

Oh, Val, I just love the pictures from your trips. Someday, when the kids are on their own and I'm making money with my writing and we've bought the 5th wheel and truck, I'm going to have to coerce the hubby into coming up to your neck of the woods for the summer. Thanks to you I know the good places to camp there!

Valerie Comer said...

Cool! And you can come visit me, too! I'd like that.