Monday, September 18, 2006

I've started another blog!

Because, you know, I have so much spare time and so much to say. As witnessed by the vast amount of posts on THIS blog.

Oh well. I will continue to chronicle my writing life right here, as well as a good dose of the rest of my life. This remains my main blog.

However, if you're specifically interested in the recipe book project, diet and weight-loss, exercise, and the daily grind of testing recipes and canning tomatoes (in short, anything to do with my efforts at a healthier lifestyle) then feel free to link to me over at The G.I. Way Day by Day. Because this is an ongoing project and a major part of my life it seems like it deserves to be more than a footnote to the story In My Little World.

Besides that, I need a place to begin collecting links to websites and blogs that focus on these topics and don't want to clutter up this sidebar with it! Beware, it's pretty much bare over there at the moment. I only have some history posted as of yet, which regular readers of my blog already know, but the initial posts will serve as a grounding for folks who stumble on the blog at a later time.

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