Sunday, October 29, 2006

And...more Puff

More Puff Cat...though if I'd taken a picture of him today, there would be no leaves left. The wind and snow took the remaining ones down. Aargh. Not ready for winter. Posted by Picasa

Yes, indeedy. Today we are experiencing winter. Do we want it? Not particularly. The weather forecast gives us a warm and sunny week. Warm for the time of year, anyway. So hopefully that means this little flurry thingy will be gone tomorrow.


Maripat said...

Ha! If I have to deal with the nice fluffy white stuff, so should you.

Katya said...

We've got INCHES of it, and I doubt that it will go away. As Hanna keeps saying though, I live in the winter capital of Canada, and to suck it up. But still! Not ready!