Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Book Tour - Dark Hour

I've mentioned before that the CBA publishers are getting on board with the Book Blog Tours that have been happening in the past year that I keep inflicting on you, my loyal readers. You are reading this, aren't you? You are loyal, aren't you?

Comment to this post and you will have an opportunity to WIN a copy of the Novel of the Week - Dark Hour. The author, Ginger Garrett, is considered an expert in ancient women's history. This particular novel (not her first) delves into the biblical account of Jezebel's daughter and her attempt to end the line of David.

Garrett explains what drew her to this particular story:
Athaliah was the daughter of Jezebel--a real woman in history--who tried to destroy all the descendents of King David in a massacre. God made a promise that a descendent of King David would always sit on the throne, and one day a Messiah would come from this line. If Athaliah succeeded, she would break the promise between God and the people, and destroy all hope for a Messiah.

One woman, her step-daughter, Jehoshebeth, defied her. She stole a baby during the massacre and hid him. Between them, the two women literally fought for the fate of the world.

And from the back cover:
God promised the Serpent a war with Woman,
and was She ever ready.

One of the darkest and bloodiest stories of all time comes not from a medieval battlefield, but from inside one of the most opulent palaces ever built. The strategies come not from men eager to extend their influence, but from women bent on exercising their wit and prowess in a kingdom not their own. The only rule is that there are no rules. Treason and murder are fair game, marriage is meaningless, children are the enemy, and the days of the house of David are numbered. Unless one woman can find the strength to defeat them all.

Please comment today! My understanding is that the publisher, Navpress, will allow each participating blog ONE WINNER! And it could be you...


Random Walk Writer said...

Oh, that sounds very cool! "children are the enemy" -- very scary!

Of course, I know how it turns out. ;-)

Maripat said...

Wow...that sounds good, Val. Thanks for sharing this. And yes, I do read your blog.

Margaret said...

Me Me! It sounds like a great book :D. I love historical novels and this has the potential to be a fascinating read.

And yes, I read your blog. Not regularly, but what do I get to do regularly anyway.

Random Walk Writer said...

Margaret said: Not regularly, but what do I get to do regularly anyway.

The answer, clearly, is get hassled by me. :-D

Ginger Garrett said...

Thanks for hosting me! I hope everyone takes a minute to check out the book. They say reality is stranger than fiction, but it's also scarier...and this is a based-on-true-events story.
Come visit and say hi at:
www. gingergarrett. com OR
http://gingergarrett. blogspot. com
(remove spaces, natch)

Warmly, Ginger

Jean said...

Sounds fascinating. My TBR pile from Val had been growing steadily...

Jean said...

And, since I didn't proof well before posting, my TBR pile still grows from Val's recommendations.

Karenee said...

Wow, sounds fascinating. Ya know, I do read your blog. *grin* ALMOST every day, anyway.

Oh, and I made meatloaf last night, so you should be getting an email from me soon. If I forget, whack me one on the head (to jog memory, not enough to knock me out please) and I'll get it to you.

Katya said...

Ooh Ooh! Pick me! ::jumps up and down::

You're on my blogroll, so I read you whenever you update! :)

Hanna said...

I read, I'm loyal

and I love you more than anyone else who reads your blog. It's true, you just can't argue it.