Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blog Tour Day 2 - Calm, Cool & Adjusted

I did get a few book packages come in yesterday, but not nearly all that I've been expecting. Unfortunately for the blog tour, some of the ones that did NOT come are last week's tour book Scoop by Rene Gutteridge and this week's tour pick, Calm, Cool & Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck.

I did go scrounging for some book information for you though. You'll find out a bit about Kristin and some of her previous novels on her website but nothing about her newest book Calm, Cool & Adjusted other than the cover pic and *coming soon*. From this I see that it is chick lit. Well, with a title like that, I'm not surprised. This gal looks like a happenin' person that's down to earth. Why not chick lit? The book description at Amazon's Editorial Reviews says this:

Best friends since Johnny Depp wore scissors for hands, "The Spa Girls" live very separate lives, but stay in touch with routine visits to California's Spa Del Mar. The third novel in the Spa Girls Series focuses on Silicon Valley chiropractor Poppy Clayton, who is as calm, cool and adjusted as they come. Or is she? Known for her bad fashion sense, a love for all things natural and the inability to get a second date, Poppy is beginning to wonder if she might be misaligned herself. Her route to self discovery will be an unnatural one - a plastic surgeon, a house in Santa Cruz and a wedding date from the dark side. It's all enough to send a girl - and her gal pals - running for the spa.

Cruising around the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance tour members, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who hasn't got her book yet, but there is an interview with Kristen here at Camy's Loft. You can also enter there to win a copy of this book. Another book giveaway is at Cara's Musings. Cara asks you to tell her why you need a good laugh today and she'll enter your name in her draw. Tell her you came from here. Then she'll KNOW you needed a laugh.


Anonymous said...

I want you to read it, so you can tell me if it's better than the book I read by her...which I've heard is not her best

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Valerie!

I liked this book a lot. In typicaly Billerbeck fashion, I couldn't figure out which guy she'd end up with until near the end. I like books like that. And the heroine Poppy is so STRANGE it's interesting to read about her. All the Spa Girls are more colorful than her previous series heroine Ashley Stockingdale--all very different from each other. I didn't really like the first book as much as the other two in the series.