Friday, November 17, 2006

Blog Tour Day 3 - Scoop

Because my own copy of Scoop by Rene Gutteridge has not yet arrived, I went scrounging for information to share with you about the book. At the CFBA MySpace I found the following:

I give grand kudos to the author for fabricating another realistic and winning tale. Her laid-back style and easy wit draw me into all of her stories.

Hayden Hazard's parents, owners of the Hazard Clowns, are found dead while on vacation, leaving a huge hole in the family. Soon afterwards, the seven Hazard children meet together to discuss the family business' fate. Hayden's oldest brother has sold the company. As a result, sheltered Hayden must look for a new job and find her purpose in life. She receives this sage advice from her sister Mack: "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape." Easy for her to say.

Fast-forward five years. Hayden is interim assistant for Channel 7 News' Executive Producer, Hugo Talley. He struggles with anxiety and it's no wonder—he has an aged anchor who doesn't realize how old she looks on TV, a womanizing dolt for a weatherman, a too-nice God-spouting assistant (Hayden), and reporter Ray Duffey, who keeps to himself, but doesn't ever get the good stories. To describe the news team as wild and crazy is an understatement. With each approaching dilemma, Hugo feels as if he may go over the edge. Will Hayden's presence help or hinder the unstable atmosphere in the newsroom?

This wacky ensemble and a wonderful story line made for many out-loud chuckles throughout the book. I love the author's ability to explore serious spiritual issues and couch it with humor.

Here are the first few paragraphs of the novel:

Mack sighed, looking exhausted. "Mr. Stewart, they were not murdered. It was just an unfortunate incident."

"Incident? Accident? What?"

Mack glanced at Hayden. She looked desperate for relief, and Hayden smiled a little, hoping to assure her.

"Well?" Mr. Stewart asked.

"Look, we don't really understand it ourselves," Mack finally said, "but it boils down to an overly ambitious serenading guitar player, a hundred-foot extension cord, and a rack of mood lighting." Mack shook Mr. Stewart's had while his jaw dropped a little. "We'll talk soon."

I assume my own copy will be arriving soon and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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chrisd said...

So you made 30,000.

PLBBBBBBTTTTHHH! :p (that's my attempt at a raspberry)

Did you say that the novel you read involves clowns.

I don't do clowns. I am afraid of them to this day. DH thinks that's hysterically funny.

Hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day--many blessings.