Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Landon Snow Blog Tour--Day 2

CSSF Blog Tour

Today we are focusing on the third book in the series, the title of which is Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum. From the website:
Landon Snow is back in his third adventure into the realm of Wonderwood. This time, Landon Snow finds himself on a wild adventure at sea. When a huge, ark-like vessel emerges, Landon - and his sisters - join a quest to find the Island of Arcanum, where the animals of Wonderwood are imprisoned. With the help of his old friends-a horse named Melech, elfish valley folk, a girl named Ditty, and the poet/prophet Vates-Landon seeks to unlock the island's dark secrets and escape with the animals. But he must battle storms and the villainous Arcans-pirates who hoard animals as treasure. Will Landon ever make it back to Wonderwood alive?

I enjoy Landon Snow a lot and rumor has it (from those with kids) that the stories hit their intended mark: children--and those who read to them. Landon's adventures happen whenever he visits the Button Up Library across the street from his grandparents' house. Landon's sisters Holly--who counts everything that is countable and some things that really aren't--and Bridget--who falls asleep every time she gets in the car or there's any lull in action--both accompany Landon on this biggest adventure yet. Author R. K. Mortenson (Randy) has a whacky sense of humor that shows up often in this great series for kids.

Check out the website for the series here and buy the book here!

I *think* this is a correctly updated list of links for the blog tour. My connection was so awful yesterday (dialup at home) that I couldn't go back and check it all. Apologies to anyone who tried to click through as there were several errors.

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Think the books sound like a great Christmas gift for your kids or a family you love? Mirtika Schultz is giving away a set of all THREE Landon Snow books. Go on over and post a comment saying you want to be entered in her contest!


Becky said...

Nice touch, Valerie--promoting a tour-mate's contest. I love it.

Great job. Sorry about the dial-up problems. I can sympathize (us dial-ups need to stick together! ;-)


R. K. Mortenson said...

Thanks, Valerie. God bless you today!