Monday, November 27, 2006

Nano: 49048

Sigh. So close, but being in the midst of a snowstorm is sucking my enthusiasm dry for finishing today. Looking at winter through a window is one thing. Driving in BC's version of winter is something entirely different. The roads are slick, slippery, slushy messes, and I'm heading home early so I'll beat the next freeze at dark.

Th-th-that's all for today, folks.


Tina said...

You have snow? I don't envy you the roads but I do envy the white stuff. Hope you had a safe drive home.

Anonymous said...

It's been almost warm enough for shorts here in the south. I'm with Tina, I want the snow without the snowy roads. I love the hush that accompanies falling snow. And the sound of boots crunching. I hope we get a real snow this year since my kids are old enough to have fun in it.

You are truly crazy Val. Doing Nano and 2yn plus all your other projects. I commend you. I've started work on Sarisa again. God has blessed me with a semi-sound post partum mind. I didn't realize how much I missed writing.

Katya said...

I understand about the roads - most of ours are just glare ice. There is only so much that sand and salt can do, unfortunately. It makes me thankful that I can shift manually in my car! That being said, most of our roads are straight, so I don't envy your curly windy roads at all!

I hope that it's warmer there than it is here - brrrr!!! A high of -20 C again today, and I have no idea what that is with the windchill. But it's pretty cold!

Well, take care, and I hope that you're able to push through to get those last 1000 words done! :)