Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nano count- 3109

A successful first day. Here's a little snippet of Krin participating in a Dance of Ritual...or is she?

My hand jerked as Trafford pulled me forward. Already I was out of synchronization with the circle. Concentration was vital, but I knew it would not be enough. It never was. I went forward as everyone else stepped back. I pulled left, Trafford tugged me right. The drums pounded, the cobblestones throbbed, the lengthening shadows shimmered--and my feet would not send me in the direction of the dance.

"Enough!" shouted Mythil.

The music stopped in mid-beat. I looked up to see the aging satrap glaring at me. Hastily I stepped back into line beside Trafford.

"You! Out. Someone else take her place."

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