Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nano count...??

Well, I cleared the 50K and stalled. I'm an estimated 2 1/2 chapters from the end of the novel, but progress is slow. I am at the stage of the novel (every one is the same in this regard) where I say, "Who calls this an outline? This won't get Krin out of the hole I've dug for her! I need a PLAN!"

Obviously, a NEW plan...

Anyone got a sale on new plans? Store shelves seem rather bare of them.

Okay, I had Salesman-Who-Talks here this morning, so scratch 3 hours off my day right there. After lunch, I started listing characters and where I last left them, where I saw them going (and doing what). What threads my subconscious had thrown out into sub-plot-land that might come in handy already.

I'm still mulling, but at least I have lists to play with while I mull. Lists are my friend. Really.


Jean said...

Plans! Getcher red hot plans here! Old plans, new plans, used plans, good plans, bad plans, mediocre plans. I got all kinds of plans, all kinds of prices right here. Step right up. Here's one with just a little mold on it, but it's a darn fine plan. Half off.

Come on over, Little Lady, we don't bite. Well, maybe this one does, let me tighten it's leash a bit.

Let's do some business.

Valerie Comer said...

**steps away in fear and trepidation...