Sunday, December 10, 2006

*The Girl Who Cried Squid* draft complete!

I've been so busy I forgot I hadn't posted it here yet! I wrote *The End* on Friday afternoon; the whole first draft came in at 59023. I'm at the stage where I'm relieved to have it done, sure that it's the worst first draft I've ever written. When I think back to my very first one...and to last year's Nano...I realize this one couldn't possibly be THAT bad, but whether it's any good or not remains to be seen. If I don't get back to it in 2007, it will next see the light of day in 2008. Revisions for next year have already elbowed their way into line, starting with the partially completed second draft of Quest to be Queen, the fantasy spoof, and followed by third pass on Marks of Repentance.

And I want to write more next year too. Seems silly when it takes two or three additional passes to clean up behind a first draft, but there you go. I need the creativity, too.

Meanwhile, though, I have Christmas prep to do and a store that looks like somebody totally ignored it for at least a whole month. Who, me?

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Maripat said...

Oh I hear you, Val, about needing the creativity. I won't do that again. So what new story are you thinking of doing?