Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Book Tour - Arms of Deliverance

Do you appreciate stories set in war-torn Europe ? You may want to check out Arms of Deliverance . This novel by is dedicated to the men of the 91st Bomb Group, who confirm the accurateness of Tricia Goyer's writing.

Against the backdrop of World War II, Goyer places her characters: a flight navigator for the bomber Destiny's Child, two female war correspondents vying for top billing in London (and on the front lines), and a young Jewish woman who passes for a German so well that she finds herself pregnant by a high-ranking Nazi officer.

Goyer takes her time bringing the characters together, in showing the threads she has been creating behind the scenes. That doesn't mean the story lags, though. There is plenty of action and drama every step of the way with characters who are human through and through.


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