Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Book Tour - The Door Within Day 2 -- and a half

I have to admit I have gotten NOTHING done today other than cruising the other blogs for tidbits on The Door Within Trilogy and I simply have to share with you some specific links. Wayne did a TON of interviews (check back tomorrow for one right here In My Little World) and here is info on some of them.

Gene Curtis had a great interview with Wayne in which they discussed marketing extensively. Rebecca at Speculative Faith also touched on that subject in her interview.

Curious about art and covers? Chris Deanne talked with Wayne about that.

Beth Goddard discusses the read-aloud qualities of this trilogy to kids age 7 and 8.

Marcus Goodyear did a terrific podcast interview. Whoa. Somebody knows how to use technology!!!

How is a writer like a hawk? Wayne tells all in this interview with fellow writer Sharon Hinck.

Kevin Lucia has interviews and reviews.

Rachel Marks and Wayne talked about the intelligence of young readers, while James Somers focused on writing skills in his discussion.

My favorite thus far? Cheryl Russel posted an interview with the main character of The Door Within, young Aidan Thomas. Check out and enjoy them all!


WayneThomasBatson said...

I know what you mean about getting nothing done. I have edits to do for Isle of Sword. I have a couple of chapters to spruce up for a future project, and I have to write a lesson plan for my community group. LOL

I'd better go now. ;-)

Becky said...

Ah, but isn't touring FUN?! Hahah--I love reading what everyone is saying. You've got a great index here pointing others to places they might want to go.

I thought the interview with Aidan was cool too.


Katya said...

Yeah... I've been neglecting my regular blogroll just to read the tour! It's been great to be introduced to so many new and interesting blogs, though!

pixydust said...

Ugh, I spent all day in front of the computer too. But it was fun! And I could still do school with the kids--I just did it from the comuter desk. :D