Monday, January 22, 2007

I should stop whining

...but where would be the fun in that?

The crits are moving right along and I'm reasonably caught up. Which doesn't mean I can start slacking off, but I can stop panicking. I even got two solid hours on Mar's novel on the Palm last night on the bus, so I'm nearing completion on it.

On the bus? Well, I spent the weekend at my sister's for a couple reasons. One, my mom, who lives nearby, hasn't been feeling well. I saw her at Christmas but she's had a few issues since then and I wanted to see her for myself. She seems to be doing alright, all things considered. The other reason to go over is because a couple years ago my sis and I started scrapbooking the family tree. We had some photos and memorabilia (cards and such) starting from 1897 and wanted to record the family history as best we could while there was still someone around who knew some of it. We've only managed 2 or 3 weekends a year since starting, and we are closing in on 1964 now, so we're pretty happy with the progress in general.

The bus pulled in at 11:30 last night (and I'd gotten too little sleep the two previous nights as well) so I forgot to email my reviews of The Door Within trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson to my work computer. I'll post up when I get home in a couple hours. I've got lots to say over the next couple days!

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