Monday, February 05, 2007

Revision progress?

My kid made a good point in comments a few posts back. The book reviews have taken over the world! Well, In My Little World, they have. I've spent the past few weeks head down at my desk, working hard on the revision of Marks of Repentance in preparation for the upcoming contest. My blog hopping has become an occasional crawl. Forum browsing...very little. And that has translated into very little blog writing as well, other than the obligatory ones.

I'm almost 14K into this revision pass. The crits on the pages I'm planning to submit are trickling in. I'm seeing some trends for sure. (Sensory input, anyone? Apparently I write in a vacuum!) Other comments are much less consistent, to the point where one critiquer thought a character was well fleshed and another thought he was one-dimensional. Ouch, not even TWO dimensions! Certainly there is much to think about, but I intend to let the comments brew for a couple more weeks before tackling them full force. Meanwhile I am trying to get a bit of distance so that once again, I can read (and analyze) what I actually wrote instead of what I think I wrote.

You know the old adage about not being able to see the forest for the trees. These days I feel like I can't even see the trees, just individual leaves and twigs. There is nothing but foliage--a single word here, a single word there. I need a magic spyglass that allows me to zoom in and out at will. (**Waits impatiently for someone to hand one over...)

How do folks multi-task writing projects? I wish I knew. Some days (weeks) I feel swallowed whole.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are making forward progress on the revision Valerie. Know what you mean about the blog tours taking over the world. LOL That's why I had to step back from all but one. I stayed where my heart was and I'm much happier for it.

Jean said...

**rustle**rustle***rustle. There it is!

**Passes magic spyglass to Valerie**

Just a little crack in one lens, but that adds to the kaleidoscope effect.

Karenee said...

So...when do I get to read it? {{{hug}}} Glad to hear the story is going forward...even with all the twigs.

chrisd said...

Which book is this?

Proud of you, my Nano friend. Thanks for stopping by!